10 Best Spy Camera Apps for Android in 2023

Best Spy Camera Apps in Android are used for many purposes. Android is the best Operating system. The main thing about Android is that an app is available for different purposes. There are Security apps as well as Spy Best Spy Camera Apps.

Spy Best Spy Camera Apps is used to ensure the safety of your kids, keep an eye on service providers or prevent thieves. You can use these secret camera apps on Android to capture Images and record videos on your mobile phone.

List of 10 Best Spy Camera Apps for Android

There are the following best spy camera apps for Android;

1. AlfredCamera Home Security
2. SeeCiTV
3. background video recorder
4. IP Webcam
5. Presence
6. Cawice
7. WardenCam
8. Third Eye
9. Faceter
10. Security Camera CZ

Important: Don’t use these apps for illegal purposes.

1. AlfredCamera Home Security

AlfredCamera Home Security is a secret camera app for Android. The app needs two devices ;

1. The one will capture the area you want to monitor.

2. Second will be used to view the captured video stream.

AlfredCamera Home Security Provides us with a lot of features. It gives you features that can you record parts that you think are essential, and also advanced features that you can use the walkie-talkie feature to talk between two devices and more. Overall AlfredCamera Home Security is the Best Spy Camera App.

AlfredCamera Home Security
AlfredCamera Home Security

2. SeeCiTV

SeeCiTV is a silent secret camera app on your Android smartphone. This app is Similar to the AlfredCamera Home Security app. SeeCiTV gives many advanced features. It required two devices;

1. The first device will be used to capture the video.

2. The second one will be for viewing.

It also has advanced features like remote flash, live video recording, and motion detection.


3. background video recorder

The background video recorder is a different app from the other apps. It is a silent secret camera app that Records Videos on your Andriod Phone. The background video recorder turns off the camera sounds; you won’t know you are recording. You can record the videos from the front and back camera using this app.

Background video recorder
Background video recorder

4. IP Webcam

IP Webcam is a free spy camera app for Android. There is a good thing; there is no need for two devices to record and view the videos. You can see the videos on your Phone VLC Media player or a web browser. But It gives us limited features.

IP Webcam
IP Webcam

5. Presence

Presence is another free phone camera spy app for Android smartphones. There is a need to download the Presence app on two devices to use this app. One is used to record the videos, and the other will be used for viewing and recording Videos. This app allows you to monitor your kids, baby, and pets with live audio/video streaming and on-demand video recording.


6. Cawice

Cawice is a secret camera app for Android. It required two devices. One is to record the videos, and the second is to see the recorded videos. Cawice offers advanced features like two-way talking, motion and sound detectors, instant alerts, and automatic video recording.


7. WardenCam

WardenCam is the best spy camera app for Android. TWardenCam turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a home security camera. Similar to other apps, it required two devices; one is required to record the videos while the other is used to see the recorded videos. WardenCam is compatible with all network connectivity, including WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE. It has advanced features to Upload your Videos to cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


8. Third Eye

The Third Eye app is similar and simple to the background video recorder app. This app records your videos while the Phone screen is off. Third Eye’s best spy camera app for Android is the best option for those who want to record videos without anyone knowing.

Third Eye
Third Eye

9. Faceter

Faceter is a free phone camera spy app that turns your Android Smartphone into Home Security. This app records Videos of your Home, Store, etc. Faceter is not a Popular app yet, but it has worked best. Overall, Faceter is the Best Spy Camera App.



Security Camera CZ is a free phone camera spy app that old smartphone or tablet into a home security camera. The main fault in this app, there is no detected motion as video. The advanced features of Security Camera CZ include smart motion detection, a scheduler for motion detection, and adjustable motion detection sensitivity. Overall, Security Camera CZ Best Spy Camera Apps

Security Camera CZ
Security Camera CZ

So, These are the Best Spy Camera Apps to record secret videos and save them for legal use.

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