Create Folders in Android

How to Create Folders on Android

Create Folders on Android is an Important Topic for the Android User. Android always Provides the best features to its users. In this Blog, I will discuss the Topic “How to Create Folders on Android “;

This is the best feature of android to organize your data and Create Folders on Android. By using these Features, you can create home screen folders and can also create folders in your file manager to organize your files.

Below we will discuss how to create both types of folders on an Android device.

How to Create Folders on Android

First Create a Home Screen folder, Pick Up two apps, and Put them together in the app. Both these apps will Organize in one Folder.

  1. First Go to the Home Screen and Select the Two apps
  2. Drag the first app into another app, which automatically creates the folder.
  3. By Drag, Locate the Folder on the Home Screen.
create folders on android
create folders on android

How to Rename a Folder in Android

Some Android Phone Automatically NAME the Folder according to the app Placed in the folders. If you want to Rename the folder, follow the below steps;

  1. Tab the Folder and Click on Rename.
  2. Type the Name of that folder and Press OK.
Rename the folder
Rename the folder

How to Add an App to a Folder in Android

If You Add the app by Following the above methods it is very easy. Search the apps that you want to add and then drag them to the folder.

Here below are the steps to Add an app to a folder in android;

  1. Select the app that you want to add
  2. Drag the specific app and then put it in the folder.
    Add an app to a folder in android
    Add an app to a folder on android

    How to Remove an App From a Folder in Android

There are two methods to Remove an App from a Folder in the Android app;

  1. Select the folder and Tab that Folder.
  2.  Drag the app and drop it outside the folder. The App will Remove from the folder

Another Method is to Tap the app and Then Select Remove.

Remove an App from a Folder in the Android app
Remove an App from a Folder in the Android app

How to Move Folders Across Home Screens in Android

Just Like the Other apps, you can move folders across Home Screens on Android.

  1. Find the Folder having multiple apps.
  2. Drag the Folder and Drop the location of the Home Screen that you want.

How to Delete a Folder in Android

There are many ways to remove or Delete a Folder in Android.

  1. First Select the folders that you want to remove.
  2. Drag the all apps from the folders. Once all the apps are removed, the Folder will automatically disappear from the Home
  3. Another way is to select the Folder and TAP and the Select Remove, Press OK.
    Delete a Folder in Android
    Delete a Folder in Android


    By deleting the Folders, your app will not Delete from your Andriod Phone.

How to Make a Folder to Manage Files

If you want to organize your Photos, Music, Videos, Documents, etc use the File Manager Folder.

There are the following steps;

  1. Open the File Manager on your Andriod Phone
  2. Select the directory of your phone. The directory can be your internal storage or even on external storage like an SD card.
  3. Once select the Directory, Tap the three dots at the top-right corner and select New folder.
  4. Enter the Name of your Folder and Then Press OK.
File Manager Folder
File Manager Folder

In this way, you can create a File Manager and Organize your Data in a proper way.

The above Methods are all about Create Folders on Android

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