Use Lockdown Mode on Android

How to Enable & Use Lockdown Mode on Android

Use Lockdown Mode on Android is an important feature for Android users. It Provides more Security than the other mobile operating system. In Andriod, you can use enable Face Unlock, Fingerprint Unlock, and Smart Lock. But this Security Layer is still less secure than PIN, Pattern, and Password.

That’s why when you restart your Android Phone Number, it asks you to enter your password/PIN/Pattern rather than Face Unlock, Fingerprint Unlock, and Smart Lock. Fingerprint & Face unlock and Smart Lock in your Andriod is less Secure for your Android Mobile Phone.

If You are Sensitive about your security, you should best enable and use the Lockdown mode on android.

What is Lockdown Mode on Android?

Lockdown mode is a security feature in androids to block all biometric security and voice recognition through Smart Lock. If turn off lockdown mode, You need to unlock your Android Mobile Phone through PIN, Pattern, or Password.

The Question Arise; Does this security feature disables all less-secure ways to unlock your Android smartphone?

The best answer is this, It’s a small feature, but this can make your Android Mobile Phone more secure by enabling the PIN, Pattern, or Password protection as default lock screen security.

Steps to Enable & Use Lockdown Mode on Android

The Lockdown mode in Samsung and lockdown mode on android devices running on version 9 or above. There are the following steps to Enable & Use Lockdown Mode on Android.

  1. First of all, open the Setting in the Andriod Mobile Phone
    Android app Settings
    Android app Settings

    2. Open the Setting and Scroll Down, find Lock Screen

    Lock Screen
    Lock Screen

    3. Click On the Lock Screen Scroll down and Click on Secure Lock settings.

     Secure Lock settings.
    Secure Lock settings.

    4. After Clicking on the Secure Lock Setting, find the Show lockdown option. Enable the toggle for the Show lockdown option to enable the Lockdown mode.

    Show lockdown option
    Show lockdown option

5. Next Hold the Button of Power Button and You find a new Screen Tab which is following;

Lockdown option
Lockdown option

By Clicking on the Lockdown Mode Android, You can Lock your Phone Number. To Unlock your Mobile Phone Number, You should simply add Your PIN, Pattern, or Password.

Use Lockdown Mode on Android is Present in some Samsung and Android Users. In this way, you can Enable & Use Lockdown Mode on Android.

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